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Physical Computing: Towards Architectural Machines

As designers, we cannot be content to simply remake iterations of the old, of what
has come before. We need to re-imagine, and part of that means forging our own,
new tools. Stereotypically these have been thought tools, idea spaces. But the true
innovators have always found new ways to think and create, and as much as
designers should have command over their own design tools we believe they
should have command over machines that constitute architecture, in both of
fabrication or operation.

The seminar is oriented towards physical computing beginners with small or zero
experience. The main goal is to learn and have fun. During the four double
sessions on Thursday/Friday afternoons, small groups of participants build a little
robot or machine each session, growing in confidence and complexity.
We will give you a basic tool set of hardware and software to receive sensor data,
make decisions, and control basic actuators. We’ll learn how to write simple
software, the brains of our machines, and how to let our little machines make
decisions without direct human control. Using a modular clip together approach
we will also learn how to wire up sensors and actuators. Eventually, we connect
them together to form a smart little swarm of machines!

Again, the goal is to keep it playful and fun, but of course further stages of
development will be discussed! So dont be scared to come join us!