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Stegreif: Swipe Left or Right

Aesthetics evaluation is an issue in many disciplines: Philosophers, artists,
art critics, psychologists, cognitive scientists, architects, anthropologists…
They all approach it from different angles and with different goals. The
question of form seems to be a common denominator for all of them.
With the advances in computation, the production of intricate and complex
forms in architecture became ever more popular. After having solved the
many technical issues in realising these complex forms, a disciplinary
problem seems to rise again: How to evaluate these constructions that with
unprecedented geometric complexity, highest level of detail resolution, and
novel overlays of various media?

For the millennials, more than half of their relationships start with swiping
left or right on a mobile phone. These apps like Tinder can work also as a
general tool for aesthetic evaluation given a good database of images on a
given topic like: pets, fashion, art, architecture. Large groups of users liking
or disliking these images can transform qualitative understanding of architecture
into quantitative data.

This workshop will focus on generating architectural images, their evaluation
via a specifically developed architectural Tinder clone, and the further
processing of these images to enhance their “aesthetic score”. Participants
will develop form making algorithms and tune these through social aesthetic

The workshop will make use of Rhino/Grasshopper to generate visual

Participants are expected to submit a documentation of their work.
The workshop is taught in English.